Monday, December 2, 2013

Goodland 2 Million Gallon Tank

In Goodland, KS we have just finished our first 2 million gallon storage tank. As a company we often recognize the sales and shipping milestones, so I'm taking this opportunity to recognize this monumental milestone for the company. Congratulations AgroLiquid on the completion of your first 2 million gallon tank. Now it's time to fill it and more importantly empty it time and time again. Just to give you an idea of how large a 2 million gallon tank really is, it can hold 2 million 1 gallon jugs of milk or.......2 - 1 million gallon jugs of milk. I'm surprised I don't get recruited to work in a lab or something.
Litweiller Sand Blasting & Painting is the company who applied the interior coating and who will paint the exterior in the spring. We're waiting on the exterior until the spring to take advantage of more ideal weather conditions. Plus we want to have the interior of our second 2 million gallon tank in Williams completed before we worry about the exteriors.

The gray color on the wall is the finish product. The white color is a primer. The dark portion on the floor is raw steel that has been sand blasted. The reason for the dark finish over the light primer is to make it more visible if the coating begins to chip or peel, in the hopefully distant future. This allows us to address the issue early before it becomes a problem.

If you ever wondered where the lines go once they're on the inside of the tank, here's your answer. These are 4" fittings used for suction, fill, and circulation. The circulation line is on the left. It will eventually have a 4" pipe fastened to it that extends across the tank. This pipe has (10) 1.5" nozzles tapped into it that help circulate the product. The suction line is in the center. This extends down into the sump which aids with draining the tank completely. The fill line on the far right is for........ you guessed it.....filling the tank.

Believe it or not, this scaffolding breaks down small enough to hand it through a 30" diameter manway. That could quite possibly be the worst part of this job.
Nope. I changed my mind. This would be the worst part. Not that sandblasting would be terrible, but sandblasting this much surface would take a little time........and be terrible.
Here's the tank walls post-sand blasted, pre-primed. This perspective gives you a good feel for how large the tank is. Just think, maybe someday if the fertilizer thing doesn't work out, we can host basketball games or roller derbies.

I'm not sure what's going on here but to give you another idea of how large this tank really is, the guys in the photo are grown men, not dolls.

Now I feel like I've really accomplished something. 2 blog posts in 1 day. I'm exhausted.

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